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How To Make Money From Home In India

Follow any of the below methods to make a secondary income for you. Some people made below methods as their primary income. So, select the one which suitable for you to make money from home in India.

In today’s world every one love to work stress-free. A lot of people get bored and frustrated with 9 to 5 job but people can’t give up on there 9 to 5 job because they have to do the job to earn for a living and for their family.  But what we can do is to make a secondary income source which gives us confidence and helps us in finical freedom.

Firstly, decide the amount of time you can invest in the secondary income. Below we represent different methods how to make money from home in India. Select the one which is suitable for you and the amount of time that you can in it start your secondary income.

How to make money from home in india

Make Money Testing websites.

This is one of the honest ways of making money online testing website and giving our experience is an easy way and that too we get paid for our work. When you check up the amount of money they paid for your work is awesome. Below we presented a few of the website that paid a pretty good amount for website testing.

Make money with Data Entry Jobs from Home

Data Entry and captcha work are one the best way and easiest way of making money online from home in Indian. This type of work suitable for students, employees, and householder. The good thing about this jobs is we can work whenever we want there is no particular timing for this kind of jobs. All it depends on how fast we can type and how much amount of time we invested in it. Here are the few sites that pay well for Data entry work.

Make Money from Blogging.

This is one of the most popular ways to make money from home. Blogging has a lot of scopes generating money online many people started blogging and made blogging as their primary income and some as a secondary income. The good thing about blogging is we can work from anywhere and any time. We have few free platforms to start blogging We listed them below.

Make money from Youtube.

Youtube also one of the fantastic way to make money online.  All you need to know how to edit the videos and add some creativity in it to attract the viewers. Nowadays most people started their own youtube channel and making a good amount of money through videos. We can start video channels related to daily activities, we can start creating videos related to educations, cooking related for householder in this way we can make money from home in India.

Content writing

If you have good English skills and passionate about writing content then below-listed sites are for you. We get paid for the content we written to other people. Yes, you heard right. In this way also we can make money online.


Yes, if you are passionate about photography then we can convert that to make money online. They are a few sites that sell stock photos to companies and websites. Here is the list of the sites that sells stock images.

Creating online course

If you have passion about teaching then this job meant for you. Where you can create and deliver your knowledge through videos. All you have to do is to create videos according to module wise explain the subject in a clear way. Good this about this job is you get paid from student when they choose your course. Website like udemy is the best platform courses.


They are plenty of sites like freelancer, upwork, Guru, Fiverr available online which offer a tone of freelancing work from home without investment. All you need to do is to login to the select the jobs which is suitable for you.


Finally, every person require secondary income to get finical freedom. Above are the few ways on How to make money from home in India. Select the way which is suitable for you and start making money online.

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